tehri Lake

Visit New Tehri Lake (Now or Never)

New Tehri Lake

New Tehri is Upcoming Hub of Adventure Sports in Uttarakhand. New Tehri is a modern town developed at the hilltop in Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand. New Tehri is spread over an altitude from 1550-1950 mts above sea level overlooking the gigantic lake and the very famous Tehri Dam(TEHRI LAKE). You can also see Himalayan Views from New Tehri early in the morning or on clear days.

New Tehri was located 16km from old tehri ( Tehri Dam ) (TEHRI LAKE), around 75km from Rishikesh and 70km from Mussoorie. In New Tehri the most important tourist attraction is Tehri Dam, India’s highest dam and 2nd highest Dam in Asia and 8th highest Dam in World. Tehri Dam  offers almost all the water sports activates like Speed boat, boating, zorbing , jet ski and many other. The Tehri Dam has successively earned fame being the upcoming adventure destination and a favorites of the adventure lovers and seekers. The other adventure sports that you can in New Tehri take part in within the vicinity include mountain biking, trekking and rock climbing in Kanatal and Dhanaulti, Total distance of Tehri lake from Dhanaulti camps and kanatal camps is around 35 kms.

Water sports in Tehri —

Boat Ride:-   Boat ride is the most common among families and groups. You can take a boat from half an hour to an hour to explore tehri lake .there are 02 kind of water boats, first one will take you to ride with slow speed, another will give you thrill with speed.

Jet Ski– Jet ski is basically a water scooter run on very speed. To Experience jet ski in tehri is a thrill. You can take 01 round or 02 round package to experience this. But water operators will not allow  you to take jet ski without expert.

Banana ride– You must have heared or experience this in goa. In Goa banana ride is very famous.  Yes, you can esplore banana ride in tehri lake also.

Speed boat- Its a kind of boat ride only, but the only difference is this is a speed ride. if you love thrill, then this is going to be a great experience for you.

Tehri offers many more water activities as well.. So, if you want to Experience goa kind of feel, the tehri lake is for you surely.

Kayaking :- Kayaking is very much like exploring on an off established way to go, then again, actually this time your experience is on the ocean. This game give the best an open door to sports sweethearts to come near nature. While paddling presents calm a one of a kind mix of investigation. Paddle through the astounding ocean caves, investigate seaward islands, and snorkel the marine saves that are loaded up with plentiful marine fortunes.


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