Why Kanatal Heights Is Best?

Kanatal Heights is Situated in Kanatal, Uttarakhand, toward the north of India, Kanatal is a slope station regularly visited for its perfect magnificence and experience exercises. Why Kanatal Heights Is Best? you’ll find your answer is here!! The beautiful location is in nearness to significant vacationer locations like Delhi, Mussoorie , Chamba , and Rishikesh, which makes Kanatal the ideal end of the week escape for local people and sightseers the same! Considering that the town is roosted at a level of 8500 feet above ocean level and is dazzling with the glorious Himalayas and profound valleys, it is without a doubt a piece of heaven for photographic artists and nature darlings. However, that is not entirely there is to Kanatal.


Why Kanatal Heights Is Best?

The slope station offers some brilliant touring, similar to the notable Surkanda Devi Sanctuary. which winds with it a story of Ruler Shiva and Goddess Sati. A trip to this lovely fascination is an unquestionable requirement, particularly when it snows and the slope station is a dream in white! The Kodia Woodland and the Eco Park are must-visits as well, particularly on the off chance that you appreciate relaxing in the lap of Nature and are a creature lover. You’re certain to recognize a few wild pigs and goral here. While advancing around the town, remember to come by and respect the appeal of the Tehri Lake as well.

Kanatal is one of the best offbeat destinations in north india.The best part is , it is not much far from the capital city of india ( New delhi). Best part of the kanatal is , you can travel to kanatal through many ways, like via rishikesh & dehradun.With over 200+ Kanatal trips and countless happy trekkers, Kanatal Heights is the one stop destination for Kanatal trips in budget. We have got plenty of reasons why Kanatal Heights is the best for Kanatal travelers but we are going to share only a few here on our blog. Make a plan with us and experience by yourself.

Kanatal Heights Is the One and Only Destination for Your Kanatal Trips, Know Why!! 


10 Luxury Cottage & 10 Swiss Camps at Kanatal Heights:-


Why Kanatal Heights Is Best?

Kanatal Heights is one of the most recent and liked property in kanatal. Secondly kanatal heights offers 10 cottages and 10 Swiss camps meeting all kind of experiences. This property is on road yet away from road hustle. so you are not going to get the horns and sound of vehicle on roads.  

Kanatal Heights Location :-


Why Kanatal Heights Is Best?

Kanatal Heights offers best location. If you are staying in any of our cottage or camps, you can have awesome valley view from windows of all our rooms. secondly it is exactly located in kanatal heart. just 1 kms from famous club mahindra property.

Kanatal heights Camp Dhanaulti offers tremendous perspectives on Himalaya and Mountains , Dence Deodar woods are situated in front and makes Kanatal Camp Dhanaulti a total setting up camp destination. Fill your spirit with experience.
Make accounts of all over the charming slopes and daylight going into the trees.
Journey straightforwardly into the forest and pay attention to the old trees murmuring at Kanatal Camp Dhanaulti. we are located completely away from hustle bustle of vehicle and people. 


Best Staff in Kanatal Heights :-

Kanatal staff is very friendly yet very professional. You will get a homely feeling while staying in kanatal heights. We have young and smart staff to give you the best experience on your vacation.

Give us a chance to make your Kanatal trip one of the best memorizing, adventures trips of your life at an affordable price. Feel free to ask us any queries if you have. We are online 24/7.

But make sure you proper pack your bags..  Bceause kanatal is a offbeat destination. you will not get proper market areas . if you forget anything. so avoid such things in kanatal. 

Best Food in Kanatal Heights :-


Why Kanatal Heights Is Best?

Kanatal Heights gives best food experience. We don’t serve ordinary food or drink. Our prime focus is on food experience. We serve buffet on all meals. we promise to give you best possible and variety of meal during your stay.  we do understand the importance of food on vacation. so dont worry , you are at right place. 

Meal Menu at Kanatal Heights:

(All Meals Will Be Served In Buffet Style at Kanatal Heights)
Breakfast at Kanatal Heights: Milk With Corns, Omelet, Bread Toast, Parantha, Boiled Egg, Dahi, Pickles, Butter, Jam , Or Similar.
Lunch at Kanatal Heights: 1 Seasonable Veg., Dal, 1 Paneer Iteam, Chapatti, Rice, Papad, Salad, Pickles, 1 Sweet Dish
Dinner at Kanatal Heights: 1 Seasonable Veg., Dal, 1 Non-Veg. , 1 Paneer Iteam, Chapattii, Rice, Papad, Salad, Pickles, 1 Sweet Dish



Kanatal Heights






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