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Dhanaulti is a small town near Mussoorie, it is famus for dhanaulti camps and adventure activities, Dhanaulti is located in the proximity of the popular hill stations of Uttarakhand such as Mussoorie, Tehri, Kanatal, and Chamba, beautifully nestled amid the lofty Himalayan peaks. It can be a destination in itself, but it’s more of a serene pit stop for travelers heading for Nature Lovers who have longer journeys or leisure Weekend Short Trip (Weekend Getaway). Visiting in Dhanaulti are not any grand attractions, but small and beautiful places that offer solitude and peace, close to nature (Dhanaulti Eco Park).


Located at an altitude of 2286m/ 7500ft and away from the metro cities hustle-bustle, Dhanaulti offers a range of serene places for sightseeing and absolute relaxation. Devoid of fancy hotels and modern cafe-style eateries, this is the place if you want weekend privacy in the hills.

Dhanaulti is one spot where you can detach from the world and move away from the bustling dull existence of urban communities. Here you can loosen up and revive, away from the buzzing about of occupied city life. No boisterous music, no blaring and no group make this little slope station a #1 of the individuals who need some serene time is isolation. The green knolls, the encompassing Himalayas, the transcending pine trees and the immaculate regular magnificence are incredibly soul alleviating. Visiting Dhanaulti is a superb and remarkable experience.

This is an ideal escape for end of the week voyagers with families and companion as well concerning corporate gatherings searching for experience and entertainment. This is one spot that assists you with moving away from the tumultuous public activity of the city. With scarcely any vacationers around, Dhanaulti permits you to appreciate or rest in complete isolation.

Likewise, the rich natural product belt gives it an additional benefit and incredibly affects the grand magnificence of the spot. The lavish plantation of pecan, apple, chestnut, plums and apricots encompass the region and give it a tasteful allure that is stunning.

It is a wonderful and very spot to visit during the ends of the week. Have a stroll in the very oak and deodar woodlands and fail to remember your common strains.

If it’s not too much trouble, keep Dhanaulti clean and be it a little exertion towards Mother earth and the future from you.



Best Time to Visit: May to september

Weather: In summer the night time temperature between 10 to 21 deg C and in winter between 9 to -4 Degree Celcius. Lower altitudes report between 21 to 10 in summer and 5 to -3 in winter degree Celcius. the best time to visit kanatal is all round the year. becuase in every season kanatal has lot to offer.


Best Camps in Dhanaulti & kanatal:-


Kanatal Heights :-

Kanatal Heights is adventure camp for budget and luxury seeker on hills . Because kanatal heights offers 10 luxury cottages and 10 swiss camps , which suits every kind of travelers. It is one of the best and biggest camp site in dhanaulti and kanatal. so, if you are planning to visit Dhanaulti or kanatal, check kanatal heights.

Camp Carnival :-

Camp carnival is the oldest camp site in kanatal and dhanaulti. They have good adventure camps to offer for travellers. This camp site is located just 500 meters from famous resort Club mahindra.

Dhanolti Camps :-

A nursery, a common parlor, a view that will blow your mind, and tasteful tents bound with conveniences – Dhanolti Camps has everything. This is one of the choice for setting up camp in Dhanaulti and is a finished occasion bundle in itself.

To partake in the fun of being outside alongside the solace of a lodging, Dhanolti Camps have the best extravagance tents available to you. The in-house eatery serves newly prepared delicious suppers. Moreover, the beautiful area of the camp pursues it a fantastic decision for scene picture takers. The camp site is located Kaddukhal, 6 km from Dhanaulti.

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Shopping and Food:-


Great Food in Dhanaulti can be tracked down in the retreat and lodgings here. There are no eateries accordingly. The little side of the road dhabas normally serve alu parathas and tea as it were.

For shopping in Dhanaulti you can without much of a stretch find hand-woven wraps, stoles, scarves and tosses utilizing just normal colors and fleece here made by the nearby weavers. You can likewise get a few nearby new foods grown from the ground pahadi potatoes in the neighborhood market here.



Kanatal Heights






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